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The Food Sense Monologues series is a collection of voices, each sharing a distinct journey to a plant-based lifestyle, and each inspiring others.

When and why did you make the switch? What’s been challenging, and how have you dealt with those challenges? How do you share Thanksgiving with your family? What do you eat when you take important clients out to dinner? What did you eat for lunch today?

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The Food Sense A-List is a thoughtfully curated collection of favorite vendors and is designed to give our readers the very best of a plant-based lifestyle. The A-List offers readers a worry-free consumer experience with handpicked products and companies. All of our A-List vendors enjoy an exclusive showcase that affirms a collective commitment to quality.

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Perhaps you’re a vegan parent and can share a weekly perspective on what it’s like to cook and eat in your home? Maybe you’re someone who dines out regularly in New York City and can share your experiences with our readers? Perhaps you’re cooking your way through a specific cookbook and want to share your experiences and photos with our readers?

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